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Observing entrepreneurs in Malaysia for more than 10 years has taught me the following:

From the bottom of my heart, I want to help, but one day of my time working individually with you is pricey… …so, to make it affordable, I’m going to spill the beans to a small group of the right type of entrepreneurs and managers over the webinar.

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Time: March 20, 10am-8pm Location: Web Conference Speaker: Uldis Zalcmanis
Here’s just a little peek into what we’re going to cover:
Here’s what you can expect:
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your trainer

Uldis Zalcmanis

on a mission to create 'Woke Entrepreneurs'

Uldis Zalcmanis is a business growth strategist from Europe who’s been residing with his family in Malaysia for many years.

While physically based in Malaysia, Uldis mostly works with clients overseas.

He is a low-key introvert and prefers to stay away from the spotlights, spending most of his time with his family or behind the scenes quietly working on businesses.

Ex-senior business consultant of BDA Consulting (at the time largest consulting company in the Baltic States). 

Directly responsible for doubling profits of multiple companies within 12 months or less.

MBA, Marketing.

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Who will benefit from the training:
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Gentle but firm warning
It is not for you if you are:

Frequently asked questions

Only one thing is absolutely certain and inevitable… it’s ‘death’. Everything else ‘depends’. There are so many ‘depends’ that are completely out of my control when it comes to you and your business. Most people are awesome, avid, open-minded, action-focused learners… but there are always some that have lousy products/services, bad habits and bad attitude looking for excuses and someone/something else to blame.  I am sure you are not one of those people. So… Here’s the closest thing to guarantee that I can offer – take on this training seriously, make notes, ask questions, create your opportunity inventory and prepare your action plan. And, if, after that, you can sincerely look into my eyes, and say that you can’t make your money back by utilizing the strategies presented to you… if you truly think the price you paid can’t be made back in your business so the value specifically for you is not there… I’ll gladly refund you. Obviously, the money-back guarantee doesn’t apply if you don’t have an actual business. You’re welcome to join, though…
Yes. Most definitely. I’ve been dabbling with the idea of helping Malaysian entrepreneurs for years but I understand that for most, my typical fees are hard to swallow, so I rarely work one-on-one here. I’ve made group training extremely affordable, however, the moment we will collect enough feedback and testimonials – the price will go up. If I was you, I’d use the opportunity now.
Not sure. First, the market in Malaysia is relatively small, so I want my students to maintain a competitive advantage in their market segment. Also, while I absolutely love to help, I’m not a full-time trainer. Most of my time and focus goes into ACTUALLY growing businesses I’m involved, not training others.

Frankly, not much. I’m trying to cover a lot of ground at a fast pace, deliver tons of value and keep the fees minimal. To achieve this, unfortunately, we have to reduce individual involvement and make it a seminar-style with quick Q&A sessions. It is possible that in the future we will have a workshop with small groups of entrepreneurs but it will be a significantly more expensive event.

I feel for you. Financial struggles shouldn’t stand in the way of attending this training. Please email me personally at uldis@virtualmavericks.com , let me know your name and phone number, describe your situation in as much detail as possible. No guarantees but I’ll see what I can do.

Yes, I’m ready to stop making costly marketing mistakes and market more effectively