“I enjoy wasting my time and my money by dealing with the wrong people,”

- Said... no one EVER- Developer

We are a friendly bunch of professionals, however,
we value time – yours and ours

So, let’s be sincere from the get-go.

Levels of engagement

“Lead me. Follow me. Or, get the foop out of the way”

- Uldis Zalcmanis, Virtual Mavericks Co-Founder, Elite Marketing Strategist- Developer

2 types of customers we work with:

Type 1. “Marketing Professional”

She knows exactly what is necessary to grow her business, makes decisions on her own or with her marketing and sales department and only wants to outsource parts of the process. She may need some help with some parts of her marketing strategy (say, promo video, some sort of flyer, website etc.) but she is willing and able to make decisions and take responsibility for them. If that’s you - we’ll follow your lead.

Type 2. “Open Minded Solution-Seeker”

While she is just as smart and capable as “Marketing Professional” she prefers to keep her mind open and step aside when it comes to topics where she doesn’t feel entirely comfortable (“SEO? ...hmm… just do whatever it takes to get qualified leads in”).

When it comes to decision making, she doesn’t mind to let us lead the process for as long as we keep her updated and justify our decisions.

Why it is important

One of the key differences between Virtual Mavericks and our competition is that we are focused on getting things done and getting results for your business (talking alone won’t fill your bank account, will it?). 

We’ve got skills, experience and we’re humble enough to admit if we don’t know stuff. Not everything always works out instantly, it may require testing and adjustments. We’re building a well-oiled marketing machine that spits out cash for you, not just chatting and overwhelming you with digital marketing slang...

However, at the end of the day, no matter how many meetings or calls we have - decisions have to be made and executed upon, or we’re all just wasting time.

We prefer to work with Type 2 entrepreneurs, as it allows us to plan much deeper and execute more thoroughly leading to better business growth numbers, however, if you’re Type 1, we can work with it as long as we’re clear - it’s your call and we can’t be held responsible for the outcomes.

Who is not a good fit: