About Us

In the beginning, there were two paths of entrepreneurship of two individuals from two distant lands, Uldis Zalcmanis (aka Uldis Biz) from Latvia (EU) and Santha Ganesan (aka Alex G) from Malaysia.
Years of struggle, slaying crappy marketing dragons and saving entrepreneurial princesses… Eventually, their combined experiences lead to a pretty awesome combination of people, business growth frameworks, tools and a bunch of digital unicorns currently known as (drumroll…)


Ok. back to business

Whether you like or hate digital unicorns, we’ll be blunt to save your time…

We didn’t become the business growth and marketing consultancy firm our clients recommend to their peers because of our good looks or cheesy unicorn animations.

It is simple – instead of clicks, Google rankings or fancy looking websites (although our team does it all with flying colours), we help you uncover Business Treasure Chests™ (hidden marketing assets… opportunities that you can monetize) and we guarantee ROI when stuff gets implemented.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve perfected the ability to deliver that.

When you hire Virtual Mavericks, you’re not hiring a freelancer or a marketing student who is navigating the waters of effective direct-response and digital marketing for the first time and learning what works on your dollar. You can rest assured that we already know what works and can produce healthy profits for you.

Literally, hiring us pays for itself