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On a mission to assist business owners systematically and predictably generate more leads, close more sales, uncover hidden marketing assets (Business Treasure Chests™), strategically grow Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and increase profits.

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Why Us

It can be difficult to decide who’s worth your time and money
when everyone and their goldfish are digital marketers – we get it.

We don’t work with everyone (see ‘are we a good fit’) but the ones that are a good fit,
appreciate both the work we put in as well as the extra money in the account.

Here are a few wicked-simple reasons to see if we can work together:

“Marketing incest” happens when everyone in the industry is copying each other. We’ve got case studies all over the world allowing us to bring elegant marketing ideas to make your business stand out

We don’t reinvent the wheel every time we work with a new company in a new industry. The Business Treasure Chest™ framework applies to every business and every industry.

While branding can’t be neglected, it is just a tiny piece of the puzzle. For your business to become a well-oiled money-making machine, we focus on marketing strategies and tactics that can be tracked and analysed.

Our clients value quality, reliability and unparalleled marketing wisdom we bring to the table. If you’re looking for the cheapest vendor, try a freelancer from a 3rd world country… or, your cousin.

In the right type of collaboration (see ‘are we a good fit’), you can rely on both having a good time and a growing bank account. We show up on time, deliver what we said we will and take responsibility for our commitments.

If you ended up here without a recommendation, you’re most probably a unicorn. Most of our clients come from referrals. 

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Our Services

to get you ready for the market domination

If you are anything like our typical clients, you are not here to look for PPC, SEO or a branding package per se. You want more leads, more sales and… complete market domination.

Depending on the market and industry we use different digital marketing, direct response marketing and offline (yes, still very much relevant, no matter what your latest “digital marketing guru” said) marketing tools so they all complement each other and contribute to your bottom line. No ‘one-size-fits-all’ approaches here – we dive deep and discover the most strategically sound approach for your specific marketplace.

Look, what our customers say

More accounting leads for my accountancy firm

I'm running an accounting firm in Dublin, Ireland and I was looking to generate more leads for my accountancy.

Uldis was recommended to me by another International tax specialist I know and trust.

The amount of leads is steadily increasing due to the SEO efforts. Thank you.

Damien Malone
CEO, Ireland Accountant (Ireland)

Always sound business advice

I've known Uldis even before he became the senior business consultant of what was at the time largest business consulting firm in the Baltic States.

He's extremely knowledgable in the topics of digital marketing and strategic business growth and is just fun to be around.

I've been involved in multiple industries, and he's always the first I reach out for the advice if I'm facing business growth issues.

Ivars Racins
CEO, Baltic Wild (Latvia)

Instrumental to our success

I was introduced to Uldis and Virtual Mavericks by my husband who’s been ordering websites, graphics, marketing and video production services from him before and vouched for him.
Looking back I can say - it was the right choice. He not only knows about web design and graphics but he understands marketing, social media and e-commerce way beyond traditional IT and design people. He and his team have been instrumental to the success of Tosia working behind the scenes for years.

Penny Kar Siah
Co-Founder / Vice President, Tosia (Malaysia)

They're always there for us

Uldis and Virtual Mavericks have always been there for us. Over the years we’ve added more and more functionality to our site. He gets excited every time we have a new idea about some feature or functionality that we want to add to our web platform – it’s obvious he loves what he’s doing. Since our administrators aren’t very tech-savvy we tend to ask a lot of questions. He’s very prompt and understanding in addressing any issues that come up.

Vita Kalnina
Founder, Lina (Latvia)

Fair price and no complications

It’s the 4th site I’ve ordered from Uldis and Virtual Mavericks. Why? It’s simple – they get the stuff done in a very short time-frame without wasting my time and money. I don’t easily trust people but he’s earned my trust many years ago and I’ve never been let down.
It’s simple – you’ve got web design, graphics, social media or video project that needs to be done and you want it done for a fair price and without unnecessary complications – he’s your man.

Michael Benton
Founder, Multiple Businesses (Australia)

Higher rankings and more clients

Uldis and his team have been providing web design and maintenance, graphics, SEO and video editing services for years, and I have never considered using other vendors. We’re constantly receiving compliments from parents about the website and videos. Our site is ranking number 1-3 for all our most important keywords… heck, we’re even ranking for many competitor brand name keywords. 
Just recently a lady whose daughter joined our club told me that one of the deciding factors she came for a trial was the website. Competitors neglect the importance of their websites so we scoop up their clients.
I recommend Virtual Mavericks to everyone.

Matteo Massaro
Founder, Senior Coach, MM10 Academy (Malaysia)

No more postponed deadlines and half-assed projects

I run multiple businesses and for all of them we need things like websites, video & animation, graphics works done. Before I met Uldis, we had other vendors helping us out. While it wasn’t terrible, I always felt like I have to spoon-feed and micro-manage them which took away my time and focus… besides, I simply couldn’t rely on them – postponed deadlines, half-assed projects, bugs and glitches, outdated designs are quite typical in Malaysia where I reside.
For the last 5 years, I’m working with Uldis and his team exclusively and it is a very different experience. The most common phrases I hear are “No worries, I’ll take care of it”, “consider it done” etc.
He’s a skilled, experienced, reliable professional and a very pleasant person.

Wissam Mallouk
Co-Owner, CEO, StemFinityCord (Malaysia)

They achieved impossible

Uldis and Virtual Mavericks achieved the impossible. We gave him and his team very little time and very little guidance so they had to improvise. We put full trust in him and the team (we didn’t know what to expect until the day before the event) and I’m glad we did – both website and promo video exceeded our expectations. We received praise from the press and government that attended our pre-launch event. I’ll definitely keep coming back and recommend him to whoever asks.

Tim Dawkins
CEO, My Talent Share (Malaysia)